Driving Channel Performance With a Good Hotel Channel Manager

Hospitality and travel distribution systems are nothing but smart systems that help businesses stay competitive within the global marketplace. Using a channel management system of this sort helps a product or brand to get positioned rightfully in front of the appropriate audience or travel buyers. That means standing stanchly in front of travel agents, corporate travel managers, leisure holiday-goers and business travelers.

Distribution management systems are generally proven and reliable technology solutions. Thousands of hotels use them across the globe, for channel management and inventory distribution on OTAs, booking engines and GDSs.

Customers can benefit from truly high levels of scalability, security and constant innovation in these solutions, which basically emphasize on distributing rates, inventory and restrictions evenly. With the help of a channel management tool, avant-garde vendors who take the right steps forward can get accustomed with strong and sustainable programs which are designed to undertake the following goals:

It helps to boost and sustain vendor/partner business relationships.
It helps to make sure that competency and focus are on track at all times.
It can actually boost revenue as well as improve sales capabilities.
It helps to boost business for both parties.
It retains the best and engages the rest
With it, vendors can break down long-standing barriers
It helps to establish seamless 2-way connectivity and hence, longer partnerships with multiple linked channels.

What is a 2-way interface?

A smart hotel channel manager comes with a powerful 2-way mechanism. It helps to simultaneously feed room nights into multiple channels. That means rates and packages are for sure fed accurately into the system.

Some core advantages of using an automated 2-way interface are:

Live Rates Availability
Real-time Room Availability
Live streaming of communication to all the channels.
Room inventory is automatically updated as soon as a reservation is created or canceled on one channel, across the rest.
There is no need to manually capture reservation details

Some key advantages of a smart distribution system are:

It helps to boost credibility among customers and OTAs
It ensures greater parity of rates
It gets rid of revenue loss due to delayed cancellations
It eases down feeding of last-minute reservation data
It facilitates specially-discounted rates
It ensures better adaptability to traveler’s needs and market trends
It helps the user to change room rates across multiple OTAs in a few clicks
It enables smarter room occupancy management
It updates availability of inventory as well as one-click Cancellation from front desk
It optimizes room occupancy through a single-window interface
With it, there is no need to install hardware
There is no need of complex software as well
It ensures automatic updating of room availability
It maintains parity across multiple booking channels
It ensures transparency in managing room occupancy & distribution
It comes with a real-time room reservation status bar
It minimizes losses due to inconsistency of room rates

Therefore, generating sustainable brand presence and better performance become easy with an operational channel manager solution or program. An intelligent distribution site encompasses insights and strategies which can basically help all linked vendors, channel partners and distribution streams to foster business relationships, while facilitating the core business activity.

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